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Pick your favorite picture from the person's portfolio that posted before you....
Vorbei geschaffen Tamas,
on 07/21/2006
1,034,272 ansichten
42,856 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: today at 14:50,
verfasst durch Unteroffizier
My last sale
Let's share our very last sale (one picture in one post please)!...
Vorbei geschaffen Risto40,
on 11/27/2010
485,645 ansichten
21,905 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: today at 11:24,
verfasst durch Rik57
Post Your Latest Upload
Just curious to see other peoples latest uploads, heres mine, Clifton Suspension Bridge during Rush Hour in Bristol, UK....
Vorbei geschaffen Dplum,
on 12/04/2012
207,070 ansichten
11,734 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: today at 09:19,
verfasst durch Irinav
How many sales you get per image upload every year?
I have only 1 sale every month....
Vorbei geschaffen Hkrunning,
on 01/14/2018
125 ansichten
1 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: today at 04:09,
verfasst durch Peachpappa
Best Flower Pictures
Submit your best flower pictures here!...
Vorbei geschaffen Gluestick,
on 12/17/2017
508 ansichten
28 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: 2 days ago at 14:27,
verfasst durch Peachpappa
Your favorite bokeh images
Hello all,  I'm overwhelmed with bokeh images, kind of bokeh mania :) so please post your favorite bokeh images and tell shortly what lens was used and maybe some other details....
Vorbei geschaffen Yellowind,
on 10/17/2017
1,271 ansichten
47 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: 5 days ago at 03:17,
verfasst durch Kvintet
Let’s see some COLORS....Pastels or Primary!
Post your pics with color....
Vorbei geschaffen Sandshack33,
on 12/27/2014
3,794 ansichten
70 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: 5 days ago at 02:23,
verfasst durch TheSlowWalkers
Reviews out of order
The last few days, I[ve noticed that I'm getting images reviewed from the newest uploaded images to the oldest....
Vorbei geschaffen Nikon4004,
on 08/31/2011
1,306 ansichten
7 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: 6 days ago at 05:10,
verfasst durch Rik57
Which pic do you love but does not sell?
I have some pics in my portfolio that I really love, but to date have never been sold....
Vorbei geschaffen Martinedegraaf,
on 03/04/2010
43,611 ansichten
410 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 02/11/2018,
verfasst durch Kvintet
What's your best landscape pic? Post them here!
Landscape photography is one of my favorite type of pictures....
Vorbei geschaffen Matthewbeveridge,
on 12/09/2015
2,933 ansichten
78 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 02/08/2018,
verfasst durch Digikhmer
Over 1 dollar
All your sales of 1+ dollar    [img]http://thumbs....
Vorbei geschaffen Koufax73,
on 01/21/2015
10,353 ansichten
165 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 02/06/2018,
verfasst durch Itsadream
Vorbei geschaffen Ncn18,
on 01/04/2008
43,455 ansichten
294 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 02/04/2018,
verfasst durch Kvintet
New submission, previous descriptions
I have been able to upload more and more pictures lately....
Vorbei geschaffen Peachpappa,
on 02/02/2018
96 ansichten
1 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 02/02/2018,
verfasst durch Rik57
Are approved assignment photos have more potentials?
Hello everybody,  I have a question....
Vorbei geschaffen Mgphotostock,
on 09/14/2017
284 ansichten
4 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 01/28/2018,
verfasst durch Peachpappa
Let's see some editorial
Vorbei geschaffen Lenutaidi,
on 05/17/2013
45,330 ansichten
1,017 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 01/25/2018,
verfasst durch Lenutaidi
Cell phone feedback/photo quality
Hi folks, I well soon be in the market for a new cell phone....
Vorbei geschaffen Vkkarri,
on 01/24/2018
137 ansichten
1 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 01/24/2018,
verfasst durch Hkrunning
My last EL sale
Let start a new thread with the same concept that "My last sale" one....
Vorbei geschaffen Digikhmer,
on 06/21/2012
10,886 ansichten
105 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 01/24/2018,
verfasst durch Igordabari
Can I use free photos from DT on my Ebook?
I have read the term of the free photos, but I am not sure whether I can use the free photos in my ebook....
Vorbei geschaffen Hkrunning,
on 01/14/2018
117 ansichten
2 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 01/15/2018,
verfasst durch Hkrunning
Downloads more than views for a photo?
I find that there is a photo with 61 views, but have 105 downloads, how come ?...
Vorbei geschaffen Hkrunning,
on 01/12/2018
160 ansichten
5 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 01/12/2018,
verfasst durch Murdock2013
Most views, no sale
Which of your pictures has the most views, but unfortunately no sale?...
Vorbei geschaffen Cbomers,
on 08/31/2011
8,397 ansichten
86 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 01/11/2018,
verfasst durch Bwagner656

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