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  Hi,   I presently own a Canon T4I , This is my second DSLR, I'm becoming less satisfied with the pictures lately, they just don't have the clarity and sharpness I want, so I have decided it might be time to purchase a new one....
Vorbei geschaffen Bdelaney34,
on 10/17/2017
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Letzte Nachricht: on 01/02/2018,
verfasst durch Mudplucker
Upgrading Canon 6D to 5DS R or 5D Mark IV
Hi friends!...
Vorbei geschaffen Pindiyath100,
on 12/12/2017
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4 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 12/16/2017,
verfasst durch Pindiyath100
Sigma 24-35mm f2 HSM Art lens
Well Dreamstimers ,   Today I got my new Sigma 24-35mm f2 HSM Art lens after reading about it on DxoMark and thought some of you may benefit from my experience....
Vorbei geschaffen Kabayanmark,
on 08/11/2017
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Letzte Nachricht: on 08/13/2017,
verfasst durch Mgphotostock
Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8
Has anyone here tested it?...
Vorbei geschaffen Juanpfotografia,
on 10/22/2015
2,976 ansichten
11 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 08/05/2017,
verfasst durch Unteroffizier
Macro Lenses
I've been interested in purchasing a macro lens and have been considering an older model the Canon EF 50mm f/2....
Vorbei geschaffen Jp582chi,
on 07/04/2017
349 ansichten
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Letzte Nachricht: on 07/06/2017,
verfasst durch Visionimaging
Hi All,  Just wanted to know what type of wide angle lenses would you recommend that are compatible with the Canon Rebel t5 EOS?...
Vorbei geschaffen Jp582chi,
on 07/02/2017
373 ansichten
4 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 07/03/2017,
verfasst durch Jp582chi
Is it worth upgrading fron Canon 5D MKIII to the Canon 5D mkIV?
Vorbei geschaffen Henrikhl,
on 05/16/2017
789 ansichten
3 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 06/16/2017,
verfasst durch Treb999
ISO & Noise
I have a daft question for those that know the answer, but once again i don't so i am asking lol....
Vorbei geschaffen Paulagent,
on 07/04/2006
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17 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 04/12/2017,
verfasst durch Cesarhladum
Canon firmware update
Dear friends,  I am currently using Canon EOS 7D....
Vorbei geschaffen Henrymm,
on 11/20/2016
1,535 ansichten
3 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 03/02/2017,
verfasst durch Olivauw
Processing Plympus raw files and Photoshop cloud/CS6
I just bought the Olympus OMDE10 and now can't use CS4 to process the RAW files because it doesn't read ORF files....
Vorbei geschaffen Lowlihjeng,
on 06/15/2015
3,980 ansichten
7 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 06/19/2016,
verfasst durch Visionimaging
ISO - How much is too much
Hi gang,   I am getting ready to purchase my first DSLR and I am leaning toward the Nikon D5500....
Vorbei geschaffen Popsidoodle,
on 03/25/2016
1,964 ansichten
12 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 04/27/2016,
verfasst durch Popsidoodle
Sony A6000
Hay folks....
Vorbei geschaffen Littlemacproductions,
on 04/03/2016
1,372 ansichten
5 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 04/07/2016,
verfasst durch Littlemacproductions
Pentax K-1 macro lens suggestions
Hi all, question for the Pentax users out there....
Vorbei geschaffen Treb999,
on 02/27/2016
1,844 ansichten
2 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 03/01/2016,
verfasst durch Treb999
Please help with deciding on new camera
Helle everyone here, Two weeks ago I started with dreamstime and I am learning a lot....
Vorbei geschaffen Aimeevh,
on 10/06/2015
2,554 ansichten
11 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 01/30/2016,
verfasst durch Davidebner
Why Do My Images Look Worse When Uploaded to DT?
Hi, All,  I haven't uploaded images here for years, and just uploaded a sample batch....
Vorbei geschaffen Pinonsky,
on 01/04/2016
2,010 ansichten
4 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 01/27/2016,
verfasst durch Malinash
To Find Out What Is Generally Approved
I read the basic requirements for photos, but there are also some things left open to reviewer/buyer interpretation that I wanted to get a feel for, so I posted a bunch of types of photos for review to try and get a glimpse into what our reviewers/buyers are approving of and got some great results....
Vorbei geschaffen Annacartiga,
on 05/05/2015
3,037 ansichten
6 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 12/24/2015,
verfasst durch Dhermendratiwari
Hi, As a novice to the stock world, is it acceptable to submit jpegs (over 3mb) using a flatbed scanner ie close up of stamps etc ?...
Vorbei geschaffen Oakwell,
on 11/25/2014
3,387 ansichten
6 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 12/02/2015,
verfasst durch Edonalds
Olympus OMD camera problems
Hi-Hoping someone can help me....
Vorbei geschaffen Lostafichuk,
on 08/08/2015
2,141 ansichten
5 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 10/28/2015,
verfasst durch Lostafichuk
Best all around lens for stock
I have a Canon 60D with 3 kit lenses....
Vorbei geschaffen Can5050dee,
on 08/30/2014
4,522 ansichten
15 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 10/01/2015,
verfasst durch Adepooler
My newer used Camera is in shipment finally!
A pro photographer led me to a quality used camera site and I ended up choosing A Sony Alpha A100 10....
Vorbei geschaffen Annacartiga,
on 05/21/2015
2,586 ansichten
9 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 09/29/2015,
verfasst durch Victordiola

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