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Why is Prisma becoming more popular compared to other photo-editing apps?
Is it?...
Vorbei geschaffen Jannatul18,
on 07/26/2016
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Letzte Nachricht: 4 days ago at 09:42,
verfasst durch Talk2markhoward
Transparent background question
I have a clip art that has a white background....
Vorbei geschaffen Betterdaysrescue,
on 06/02/2016
2,038 ansichten
9 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 04/12/2017,
verfasst durch Danisarais
Free Google Nik Collection
The range of tools in the Nik collection used to cost hundreds of pounds and is now free....
Vorbei geschaffen Steveacer,
on 02/11/2017
587 ansichten
8 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 04/12/2017,
verfasst durch Danisarais
Not sRGB when exported from photoshop
Hello everyone....
Vorbei geschaffen Store62,
on 01/30/2017
355 ansichten
3 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 01/31/2017,
verfasst durch Store62
How I Use My Dreamstime Purchases
Thank you to the wonderful photographers who have offered their images for sale on Dreamstime....
Vorbei geschaffen Photojersey,
on 08/02/2016
876 ansichten
12 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 08/06/2016,
verfasst durch Photojersey
Remove background  GESCHLOSSEN
I am searching for a company that can remove the background from my photos to post to a website....
Vorbei geschaffen Sterlingdesignusa,
on 01/05/2009
9,221 ansichten
19 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 06/26/2016,
verfasst durch Daclippingpath
How Big Is 3 MP?
I'm sorry this sounds ignorant, but I really don't know how to make sure my work that I submit is at least 3 MPs....
Vorbei geschaffen Craftmans,
on 12/31/2008
13,944 ansichten
14 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 05/11/2016,
verfasst durch Snookless
Resizing image in PS?
I have an image that's slightly noisy/blurry at the full file size....
Vorbei geschaffen Ninam4,
on 11/26/2006
5,449 ansichten
20 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 04/08/2016,
verfasst durch Jannatul18
What do you edit, in Photoshop?
I personally don't have photoshop, but im thinking about getting it....
Vorbei geschaffen Vitabello,
on 08/21/2014
4,661 ansichten
20 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 04/04/2016,
verfasst durch Joshuagstf
Advice for someone new to Photoshop
If for example someone new to Photoshop need to use it in a photo competition, what are the very basic functions in photo adjustment that they need to learn as essentials?...
Vorbei geschaffen Unteroffizier,
on 02/22/2016
1,404 ansichten
9 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 03/28/2016,
verfasst durch Curtwill7
Help please
I purchased corel paintshop pro x8,when I make any very small adjustment to any pic it takes that image from like an 8mp down to like a 1....
Vorbei geschaffen Chrisupchurch68,
on 03/04/2016
1,017 ansichten
6 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 03/05/2016,
verfasst durch Chrisupchurch68
Yet Another Gradient Banding Problem
I have an image of the sky, it's storm clouds in the distance after the sun has set....
Vorbei geschaffen Wisconsinart,
on 08/25/2014
3,031 ansichten
5 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 01/30/2016,
verfasst durch Davidebner
How to make specialized Doodle for Google?
Step 1: Learn to draw and design....
Vorbei geschaffen Jannatul18,
on 10/28/2015
1,774 ansichten
1 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 11/30/2015,
verfasst durch Therealdarla
Made an illustration, but how do I turn it into a vector in Photoshop?
Hi,  I'm fairly new with the possibilities in Photoshop, but I'm learning every day....
Vorbei geschaffen Fotografieschnabel,
on 11/04/2015
1,675 ansichten
6 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 11/15/2015,
verfasst durch Therealdarla
Remove the noise before submitting your pictures
As said in the other thread many of the submissions we receive are containing a large amount of noise artifacts....
Vorbei geschaffen Achilles,
on 03/24/2004
94,406 ansichten
177 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 10/26/2015,
verfasst durch Cdmandich
Can I edit My photos in photoshop before I upload them here?
Hello There all....
Vorbei geschaffen Greatali,
on 09/02/2014
3,612 ansichten
7 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 10/23/2015,
verfasst durch Pamela_d_mcadams
Changing colors
Dear all....
Vorbei geschaffen Shlomoabecassis,
on 05/15/2015
2,665 ansichten
4 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 10/19/2015,
verfasst durch Tigristiara
Free Photoshop brushes
Commercial usage allowed:    http://graphics-illustrations....
Vorbei geschaffen Bsilvia,
on 10/16/2007
4,925 ansichten
11 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 10/01/2015,
verfasst durch Verca132
Get good quality drawings in photoshop
I love to draw and has done so for a long time....
Vorbei geschaffen Viridana,
on 01/01/2015
2,519 ansichten
2 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 09/27/2015,
verfasst durch Tlauiskalpantekutli
Rose flowers with too much red!!
Hey, when I take pics of flowers in bloom they look like....
Vorbei geschaffen Jordieasy,
on 04/26/2015
2,066 ansichten
5 antworten
Letzte Nachricht: on 09/23/2015,
verfasst durch Jannatul18

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