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"Find Dorian" and win discounts, free credits and a king's crown

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I need help; preferably psychiatric! Lol
Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 05:12:48 AM
Many people are looking for the last one. The question is are we looking for the same one? :/

UPDATE: Got it!
Another King reporting to duty!
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Bearbeitet: 04/01/2012, 06:14:50 AM
Hello, I need help too. Not psychiatric anyway.
I cleared up cookies today morning and my discount disappeared...
Any chance to have it back?

When I click on any Dorian, I have the info: "The chest is already yours:25% OFF on any purchase you make on April 1st! ", but when I try to buy credits,
the discount is not there anymore...

And another serious question: I would like to have an option (as it was earlier available) to buy credits in US dollars not polish zlotys - the currency conversion is about 10% higher, then paying directly in US dollars. It makes the service even more expensive...
Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 06:00:53 AM
i do not understand what the dorianns are.
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Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 06:08:48 AM
" Just pass them this code: " Where pass this code ? Help Admins.
Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 06:11:36 AM
While having fun, don't forget that today you have a 25%OFF on all purchases made today PLUS the free credits awarded to all your friends who signup. This is no April Fool's Day joke. We will be extending the latter for a couple more days so make sure you spread the word about it. Post it on your blog, Facebook account, preferred websites or forums that you visit or simply tell friends who might be interested. Don't forget to use your referral link.

@Tmarchev: that code can be used in the registration form. Simply give them the link to our site and the code.
Bearbeitet: 04/01/2012, 06:14:00 AM durch Admin
Hallelujah! I can finally continue on with my life... I would rather be QUEEN but King crown still sets me free!
Two brown eyes and an open mind.
Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 06:14:44 AM
Dorian ate my refused files?!

Well, I had 14 refused files yesterday, now I don't see Refused Files section at all! Seems I am going to be accepted always since now! Because I am a KING! :))
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Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 06:18:13 AM
I not have refused files... so not get last Dorian...
Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 06:22:00 AM
.ill give up soon.. no luck
Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 06:23:41 AM
Uff, I found the last one and I feel so stupidly happy :o)
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Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 06:30:14 AM
i'm king of the fools! :))))
Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 06:47:29 AM
hmmmm, 2 left... really addictive :D No clue where the last 2 might be....
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Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 06:55:34 AM
Sorry, I´m lost. I've got only 8 and had lookk all around the page and can not find any more... I keep being a Dorian Knigth for ever. jajajajajja.... I will never be a king....
I use to work with first line Nikon equipment.
Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 07:26:22 AM
I wish I would have thought to keep a list of the Dorians that I've gotten so far. Is there a list of names of all the Dorians somewhere? I've managed to find 10 of them so far. But I can't seem to think of anywhere else to look for them. I think I've gone through every link at the top of the site, and can't find the last 4 Dorians. lol
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Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 07:26:55 AM
Celticpath go to Facebook
Canon 5D Mark II, Sony Alfa 550, Olympus SP-550UZ
Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 07:34:09 AM
Finally! I can rest now. I've been up all night. Silly clowns! LOL!
Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 08:00:22 AM
1 left....
Canon EOS 550D, 1000D, Sigma 17-70mm, Adobe Photoshop
Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 08:09:53 AM
One more!!!?? Jeez
Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 09:00:46 AM
Working on it :-) This is fun.
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Geschrieben: 04/01/2012, 09:05:37 AM
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