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Contact Dreamstime

How can those of us who use hotmail contact Dreamstime? I have tried the contact us form and it will not allow me to use it because it says hotmail is not accepted. However, I do receive reject notices on my hotmail account.
I received a reject because the model release was too small. I tried uploading a larger model release but do not know how to remove the old release. So I got a notification on hotmail saying I may be excluded from submitting because I had submitted the same image. When all I was trying to do was follow their directions and submit a larger model release.
Geschrieben: 02/17/2017, 07:42:27 AM
I have hotmail but created a new email on Gmail just for Dreamstime.
Canon 40D; 3d Studio Max; Terragen; Photoshop;
Geschrieben: 03/07/2017, 10:14:10 AM