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Khursaini A Fatah


Klang, Malaysia
Khursaini A Fatah (Kudean)

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i'm a very simple man, yet strong in my own principles.

I'm Khursaini A Fatah is 31 years old and lives in KLANG, Malaysia, where I works as an IT Operation Specialist for multinational company to serve local airliner.

I've been passionate about photography for about 18 years, started with my late father's RICOH 500GX rangefinder and has been shooting digitally for five years.

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May 8, 2008
I used small body of EOS 350D with prime 50mm. Get along my way is telezoom 75-300mm which is work perfectly whenever I'm going out on a sunny day. As per backup I still keep the 18-55mm kit lens for emegency.
Favorisierte Themen:
My favourite subject is people, but i love more to shoot the runway beauties on events. Then it is still life which I'm on projecting this years for stock agencies and private companies. Landscape is about to come in as general interest.

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