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Your ex instructor's viewpoint is more common than many may think. There are still some photographers that maintain that you can't be a pro unless you live and work in the New York, or possibly a distant second LA, scene. The good thing about t ... [Lese mehr...]

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Come on now! You folks don't get it, do you? Those posters using unassociated keywords are really clever! They know their material is mostly crap and would never be picked by most buyers. So, they load up on false keywords hoping that a buyer will s ... [Lese mehr...]

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Thanks Karen. Finally, someone with some sense. Happy Holidays.

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Larry Spisak


Sunrise, United States
Larry  Spisak (Seawatch1)

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An old sea captain now on shore. I have been a boat captain for over 30 years. I love to shoot photos when ever I can. I've traveled extensively, although quite often without a camera which I regret. Now I shoot everyday wherever I can.

angemeldet seit:
August 27, 2010
Canon EOS 7D, assorted lenses
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Boats, People, flowers, wildlife
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