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New article posted: 2 Minute Review: Nikon D810

geschrieben in 2 Minute Review: Nikon D810

Jacob Humphrey


St John's, Canada
Jacob Humphrey (Windcoast)

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Jake is a hunter gatherer of light and shadows. With an appetite for the unknown, whether he’s exploring the rugged coast of Newfoundland, to the the tall snow covered peaks of British Columbia, Jake wanders the world looking for the perfect moments to capture. From his early days capturing candid moments of family events with his second hand 35mm camera, to recent trips photographing rural life in the Baja, snowshoeing into the interior of Vancouver Island, or hiking through the Rockies, Jake ... mehr

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September 15, 2014
A have a mix of film and digital equipment which I use depending on the subject. Recently I have ventured into aerial photography using my DJI inspire 1
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